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Automated Recruiter

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Customer Voice

Online reviews are critical to the success of your team and network we Offer a business tool that does the heavy lifting.

Business App

You can be stretched thin when managing your team, the Recruiter Pro business app features.

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Setup Fee: $3,500.00


This Includes everything in Standard and Professional, plus dedicated Customer Success Manager

To work with you weekly to get new customers and build your team.  


$1,164.00 /year


Setup Fee: $3,500.00

$3,500.00 /year

This Includes everything in Standard and Professional, plus dedicated Customer Success Manager

To work with you weekly to get new customers and build your team.  

Included with all plans

What Participants Say?

Mark - $2,000,000 AUM Closed & much more in the pipeline within 60 Days.

Before: Used to rely heavily on referrals and dinner seminars to grow his business.

Biggest Obstacle: Getting in front of new qualified and high net-worth individuals that want to move forward. Mark and his partner Danny came inside the program working in a highly competitive market. He wanted to be able to stand out from the competition and attract new clients at will. Within the first 60 days, Mark closed his first client.

After: $2.00 MM AUM closed in 60 days. On track to bring in another $8MM within the next few months.

Transformation: $2.00 MM AUM closed in 60 Days + another $8MM in the coming months
Client: Mark

Rashid - Closed $1.00 MM within 30 Days

Before: Tried other Facebook campaigns and relying on referrals Center of Influences.

Biggest Obstacle: Rashid used to rely heavily on his referral partners which was very inconsistent with his goals, therefore he decided to implement our program in his business. Prior to working with us he had no clarity as to where the next client was coming from. We helped him put together a predictable system of client acquisition in which he controls all aspects of the system

After: 65 Leads, 17 appointments and 2 confirmed closes through a mixture of Facebook Ads and building new referral partners through our organic strategies.

Transformation: $1MM closed in 30 Days
Client: Rashid

Narmin - $21,000 in Premiums Closed in 60 Days

Before: Hosting Seminars and relying on referrals to grow her business.

Biggest Obstacle: Narmin is an experienced Insurance Advisor and focuses on Life, Critical Illness, Disability, Group Benefits, Tax strategies. All of her business came from referrals and educational seminars. She didn’t want her income to be unpredictable and inconsistent. Therefore, she reached out to us and saw exceptional results within 60 days. She is now a firm believer in our 4 step marketing system and online leads in general. The results speak for themselves.

After: 42 leads in 30 days. 13 appointments scheduled, 7 appointments conducted. 3 cases closed of a total of $21,000 in commissions.

Transformation: Closed $21,000 in Premiums in 60 days.
Client: Narmin

Sales Agent - 1 High Net Worth Partner Closed in 30 Days

Before: Operating in a saturated market. Paying thousands of dollars sending out direct mailers, and cold calling list of mortgage leads.

My Personal Experience:

“As the visionary behind this groundbreaking system, I have attained and continue to experience remarkable success in the mortgage industry by exclusively reaching out to homeowners in need of refinancing through personalized text messaging.”

Now, I’m expanding into the realm of social media. Initially, I had reservations about venturing into this area of the business. However, after months of extensive research on the internet, I discovered that the financial service industry is saturated with people charging exorbitant amounts for marketing systems with limited capabilities, denying users the opportunity to capitalize on earning money immediately.

This system is different – it empowers you to seize your financial opportunity in DAYS not weeks or months

After: 1 High Net Worth Partner Closed and many more clients in the pipeline

Transformation: 1 High Net Worth Partner in 30 Days
Partner: Confidential

Theresa - 21 Appointments in 14 days

Before: Growing her business through organic strategies such as dinner seminars and events.

Biggest Obstacle: Theresa came into our program with frustration from lack of appointments and being burnt by other lead generation companies that didn’t perform in the past and wasting thousands of dollars trying to market himself. She was highly skeptical and had lost trust in online lead gen.

After: Theresa went on to book 21 Appointments within 14 days. Theresa is currently seeing a 55% conversation rate on her leads and having a few meetings a day.

Transformation: 21 Appointments in 14 Days
Client: Theresa

Evan - $750K in AUM closed in 30 Days

Before: Skeptical after being burned by multiple lead generation companies and being stuck in a 6-month long contract.

Biggest Obstacle: Used to solely rely on referrals, cold-calling and door knocking to grow his business. He was paying thousands of dollars every single month to lead generation companies with little to no ROI on his investment. Prior to working with us, he was working with a Financial Advisor Coach and he was not fond of their process and quality of leads.

After: 36 leads, 10 appointments, $750K in AUM closed and much more in the pipeline…

Transformation: $750K AUM in 30 Days
Client: Evan

Mehran (AJ) - 21 Appointments in 4 weeks

Before: Mehran runs a very successful practice primarily focused on insurance. He came inside the program with very little online presence. He tried to create his own marketing campaigns but wasn’t able to get it to work.

Biggest Obstacle: Referrals were the ONLY avenue of growing his business.

After: 21 appointments in the first 4 weeks. Mehran is seeing on average 4-5 appointments being booked into his calendar every single week.

Transformation: 20 Appointments every month
Client: Mehran

Edris - Closed 4 Clients with $1.9 MM in 120 Days.

Before: Skeptical about online lead generation after being burned numerous times by companies.

Biggest Obstacle: Edris had no predictable appointment system to generate conversations with potential prospects. He believes that leaving the growth of his business based on his friends and family is not a is not the right way to run his business.

After: 102 Leads, 16 appointments with $1.9 MM funded in 120 Days.

Transformation: $1.9MM Closed in 120 Days
Client: Edris – A Game-Changer for Recruitment and Marketing! is a powerful tool that redefines the recruitment and marketing landscape. Its AI-driven features, customer follow-up capabilities, and data analytics offer a comprehensive solution for acquiring exceptional team builders.

With intelligent automation, businesses, independent networkers, real estate, and insurance agents can optimize their recruiting process, attracting top talent and building outstanding teams. The platform’s continuous updates and refinements make an indispensable asset for modern recruitment and marketing strategies.

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